Bodyweight Burn System by Adam Steer Review


Hey, everyone! I’m Maya, the chief editor of If you are wondering whether Bodyweight Burn will be worth your time and money, I’ve got you covered.

In this review, you will see the entire training, pros and cons, my personal recommendations – everything you need to decide whether Bodyweight Burn is the right home workout solution for you.

A Birds-Eye View

Product: Bodyweight Burn

Creator: Adam Steer

Goals: Burn fat, boost energy and reduce aches and pain by doing a 21-minute workout each day with minimal to no equipment

Product Format: Manuals (digital or hardcopy) and workout videos

For: Men and women of all fitness levels

Price: $50 $19 one-time cost, Hardcopy $147

Refund: 60-day money back guarantee

Our verdict: 9/10

What is Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn has gained a significant attraction and helped people around the world achieve remarkable body transformations. Its primary goals are to burn fat, enhance energy, and reduce (and prevent) aches and pains.

It revolves around Bodyweight 3x Fat Burning Multiplier Effect (BW3). BW3 is a proprietary system that keeps you burn fat 24 hours a day with three scientifically workout methods.

What’s best is those workout methods are short, yet effective. Each session only lasts 21 minutes. The Bodyweight Burn workout routines are engineered to speed up the body’s metabolism rate. As a result, you have the freedom to enjoy your favorite carbohydrates (in moderation, of course.) Yay!

The 3 Exercise Methods

    1. Cardioflow – combination bodyweight routines between martial arts and dance. Cardioflow is Adam’s very own creation. In contrary to the traditional cardio which releases fat storing hormone called cortisol, the Bodyweight Burn encourages consistent metabolism. The Cardioflow’s role is to use body fat as the primary fuel source. What is more impressive is the way Adam supports the body’s joints during each workout and avoids repetitive stress injuries. This is a bonus for those who feel they are too overweight to run or simply get injured easily.
    2. Afterburnersturn your body into a 24-hour fat burning machine. The after burn sessions are what keep you burn fat for days after your workouts. The sessions are very short but not very easy. But once you get through it, you can relax and enjoy the continuing fat burning effect, known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).
    3. Metabolic Muscle Sessions promote toned and athletic body, but not bulky like bodybuilders. (It is not easy, or simple, to look like a bodybuilder.) You do not have to worry about being round and bulky. These sessions aim to build muscle density. Muscle density allows faster metabolism rate, therefore melt away overall calories.


Above is a screenshot of the program. Click here to view example videos.

Meet the Author

Adam Steer is a wildly respected and well-known trainer. He has spent years perfecting his bodyweight latest scientific research and practice. His first publication came out in 2009, which has helped tens of thousands of people achieve their dream bodies. Adam has been given a nickname “The Bodyweight Coach.”

The Bodyweight Burn is a whole new level of bodyweight workouts. Now you can benefit from Adam’s expertise and instantly download his course at an incredible price (only $19 for a digital copy, $147 for a hard copy).

What’s Include?

  • Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide
  • Follow-along Workout Videos
  • BW3 Exercise Manual
  • BW3 Workout System
  • BW3 Workout System Integration Guide
  • Handy Wall Charts
  • Lifetime Access to Platinum Club

The Pros of Bodyweight Burn

  • No machine or extra gym equipment. Only your body.
  • High-quality videos
  • Time efficient – and fun – exercises
  • Easy to follow
  • Do your exercises anywhere, anytime
  • Cost effective as no gym or equipment is required
  • Ongoing subscription is not needed
  • 60-day no-question-ask refund policy

The Cons of Bodyweight Burn

  • Regular gym-goers may become bored with the home-based workout program
  • No meal plans given, although diet advice is provided.
  • $147 for a hard copy is a bit too much. Get a digital copy instead.

Our final verdict

Bodyweight Burn is a solid training course to help you lose weight, keep it off and feel healthier. The program is designed for real people who have families and lifestyles who simply want to be happy and healthy. $19 one-time cost is well worth the investment in yourself. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to put in the efforts to give it a good try.

With the 60-day full money back guarantee, you are not risking anything but a moment of your time. This means you get to see the FULL product for FREE. And I doubt if you will ever need the refund. And please – take it for the full 60 days before deciding one way or another. To good health!